Direction For Us Of Door Closer

Installation and usage instructions

Installation and setting door closers should be done by the qualified technics ; compliance with product specifications, warranty and other technical documentation requirements, and then pass the information related to customers or users ; installation of closed doors with stop devices should follow the laws , regulations , testing and maintenance requirements . if the door closer working condition is poor ( eg : strong wind ) , it’s recommended to choose stronger closing force of door closer ; in case of the building limits , door opening angle is less than the opening angle of door closer , it is recommended to install the doorstopper , so as to prevent the door from damage to the wall ; in humid condition for floor spring ( for example : outdoor door ) , it requires to apply suitable waterproof sealant between ground and the floor spring housing.


Door Closer Installation

Standard installation (installed on door) at the side of the hinges



Standard installation (installed on door) at the opposite side of the hinges


Installation on Top (installed on door frame ) at same side of the hinges


Installation on Top (installed on door frame ) at opposite side of the hinges


Repairs and maintenance

Detection of security and vulnerability of component parts ;

Tighten loose screws , and replace worn parts ;

Testing and debugging the closing door to smooth working;

If necessary , filling in the moving parts lubricating oil ;

Maintenance must be done by qualified professionals ;

Use only non-corrosive cleaner.




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