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Door Lever Functions

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A door lever handle or knob is a wooden handle used to manually open or close a door in your house or elsewhere. Door levers are available on all kinds of doors, including exterior doors, internal doors, closet doors, stairway doors, and automobile doors. There are several styles of door lever, depending largely on the intended use. In addition, there are specialized door levers for emergency reasons, emergency exit, patio door opening, and other special needs.

When it comes to selecting a door lever handle, it's wise to look at the material used to make the part, such as brass or steel. If you're after a brass door lever handle with a round knob, then you're looking at a round knob that's mounted on a bracket. It's a simple matter of mounting the bracket to the door and pressing the appropriate button to close the door. On the other hand, if you want to get a steel door lever handle, then you'll be looking at a unique and extremely strong piece of metal that has a knurled knob and a clip or a push button for closing and opening the door.

When it comes to locking system, you'll be looking at one of two basic types - bolt or knob. Bolt the door lever handles are more common than the other type, as they require less effort to close and of course, they lock the door further. Knob door lever handles, on the other hand, are more complicated and harder to operate, but also provide better security and they are more secure when compared to the bolt ones. There are also a number of specialty types of lever operated door levers, including opening and closing-electric doors, rain and wind up devices and other emergency applications. So, make sure that the door lever you choose is able to meet your specific requirements.

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