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Glass Door Hinges

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A stainless steel door hinge is a superior quality replacement to your old door hinges. The new door hinged hinges are constructed from top quality toughened glass, which when properly installed should fit perfectly into the glass on both sides. However, they can only be fitted onto a glass door with the proper hinge brand used with that particular glass. If you have purchased a framed wooden door with a sliding door track, then the hinges may not be able to be adapted to fit this type of door because the design of the wood dictates that the hinges should fit snugly into the frame rails. For sliding doors, the hinged door hinges are available in both folding and torsion styles, with each having their own set of mounting hardware components.

The majority of shower door hinges are manufactured in the China. There are several differences between the various suppliers of shower door hinges. Some of the differences include: the sizes of the holes drilled for the screws, the thickness of the material used, the surface texture and the color of the finish. The materials used in manufacturing shower door hinges may range from brass to chrome to steel to aluminum. The thickness of the glass used in the manufacture of the hinged shower door hinges will determine how easy they will be to slide, and if they are subject to rusting. The colors of the finish used on the glass door hinges will determine if they match your overall bathroom decor and will also determine whether you require special cleaning before installing them.

It is important to check the specifications provided by the manufacturer or supplier before buying glass shower door hinges because they will vary depending on the brand you buy. The manufacturer's specifications will be more precise than those supplied by suppliers, and so it is important that you purchase them from a reputable supplier, with an excellent reputation for producing quality products. A long-shaped glass door hinge fitted into a shower stall is usually easy to install and will create a stylish look that will complement any shower stall.

Glass Door Hinge




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