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Precautions to Take While Installing a Hinged Shower Door

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Stainless Steel Door Hinge: The hinged shower glass door hinges are made from strong and corrosion-free stainless steel. This hinged door hinges features an easy and safe installation, it just requires to drill straight holes in the shower stall walls. This shower door hinges is also made of corrosion-resistant and strong stainless steel. It is easy to break and long-lasting. The hinged shower door hinges includes the following features:

This door hinge comes with two bracing sets to provide extra strength and durability to the door. These bracing sets are each made from premium quality galvanized steel and are guaranteed to withstand extreme weather conditions such as extreme cold and extreme heat. They come with a steel bracing kit and a chrome bracing kit. The chrome bracing kit enhances the beauty of the shower door hinges while the steel bracing kit provides extra strength to the door.

This hinged shower door comes with a two-year limited warranty to help you get an assurance of excellent quality. It also has a lifetime warranty to give you that extra peace of mind. You can choose the style and the model that you like best depending on your bathroom theme and design. This hinged shower door can be easily mounted or removed from the shower stall. It has been designed to complement the existing shower enclosure and provide an elegant touch to your bathrooms.

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