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How About The Magnetic Door Stopper?

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The Magnetic Door Stop is a durable, yellow safety rubber magnet that can be mounted over a door's hinge. The magnetic door stop is designed to prevent slamming and wall damage. Its slim, compact design makes it easy to install, remove, and store on metallic surfaces. It also comes in several color choices, making it easy to find a style that fits your home. If you have a door that's heavy, you can purchase the low-profile magnetic door stop to fit any style.

A magnetic door stop is a convenient and inexpensive way to keep a door open. During windy or breezy days, doors that are in contact with a wall may slam shut, chipping paint or wood. The door stop is like a buffer, protecting the door and the wall. It's far less expensive to replace a door stop than to replace the door and a wall. But what about on a sunny day?

The magnetic door stop is especially helpful for antique and historic homes. Old-fashioned doors may be vibratory and may damage wall displays. Whether the door is a sliding door or swinging, a magnetic door stop will protect them. It can even work as a bumper for a door that's about to close, preventing it from swinging too far. If you use this product, you'll be happy with it for years to come.

When using a magnetic door stop, you can be sure that it's strong enough to hold a door in place while it closes. These doorstops can be mounted on the floor or wall, and they can be purchased in various colors and finishes.You'll find many types online, including wood, metal, and plastic, which will match your interior design style and budget.

To install a Magnetic Door Stop, simply screw in the metal plate. Once you've fixed the plaque onto the magnet, bring the door closer. Then, remove the protective packaging to insert the anti-torsion lugs and T-Slot Nut. Once the magnets are positioned properly, you'll be able to close and open the door. Then, you can use the magnetic door stop on other doors, and you'll find it more useful than ever.

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