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What is a lever door handle?

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A door lever or knob is a flat handle usually used to either open or close a door, usually on a latch mechanism. Door levers can usually be found on most kinds of doors, such as internal and external doors, closet doors, wardrobe doors, and car doors. There are several styles of door lever, based on the proper use. There is a basic lever which opens a door, the up and over lever which open a door from the inside, the swing door lever that swings outward, the sectional lever which move in only one direction, and the push button door lever which require no moving parts.

Door levers, like all mechanical devices, need to be maintained and serviced properly in order to work efficiently. If a door lever does not have lubricant installed, it will wear out more quickly and need to be replaced sooner. Lubricant helps keep a door lever working smoothly by reducing friction between moving parts. This reduces the amount of wear and tear on the door itself, making it much easier to use and to function. If there is no lubricant, or if the lubricant is present but not sufficient to improve the performance of the door lever, the door may need to be adjusted or re-lubricated. In either case, the door pull handle and the door lock cylinder should also be examined.

All door levers should have a hard-wearing component and be suitable for heavy use. The door lever handle must be able to withstand years of stress and abuse, and it must be able to operate and feel smooth and easy when using. Locking systems need to be reliable and easy to operate, so that users will not experience any problems using them. Some locking systems use an electronic key to operate the system, but if the key cannot be produced or detected and reset, a manual key must be used in place of an electronic key.

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